Amanda's managed to peel back even more layers of what it’s like to live in a society full of highlight reels. Catch new episodes each Monday with guest who've navigated life's toughest moments.


Book Series

Inspired by personal experineces and animals Amanda used to work with, this children's book series will help create empathic little readers who show kindness, love, inclusivity and friendship to all they encounter.



Sharing her deepest thoughts and journal entries, Amanda's goal is to help someone reading know that they're not alone in the struggles they're facing. Updated as inspiration strikes.

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Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a Mental Health Advocate, Author and Podcast Host whose personal mission is to help eliminate the stigma of brain illnesses by educating people on what depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress and bipolar actually are. She starts important conversations on her social media platforms and podcast by encouraging others to speak up and seek help. Amanda is a firm believer that her brain health conditions and her unique voice are her superpowers. The ability to feel in extremes gives her empathy not everyone has – allowing her to continue helping others find their voice.

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